Another Knit Studio

Another Knitted Thing has the opportunity to open up her studio to students, independent designers, small businesses and large businesses to swatch, test, program and produce fully-fashioned garments and creative, innovative knit fabrics.

In the studio, we have a new Shima Seiki 12gg automated knitting machine with APEX programming which produces Jacquard, Fair Isle and structural patterns as well as fully-fashion garments.

Using Shima’s APEX system, we can simulate your designs before knitting so you can clarify your colour schemes, yarn textures and full designs prior to knitting them out.

We do not require a minimum order. Therefore we are able to work with students finishing their degrees, start-up designers and those who are still establishing themselves and are growing into knit, as well as established textile businesses, fashion brands, architects and textile researches and designers.

With a strong focus on the independent designer, we have kept our pricing low to enable even the smallest of businesses to knit and produce. Offering full-day, half-day and student prices for the programming and production, or an hours consultation (online or in person) to talk through development and your designs before you commit.

Another Knitted Thing strives to support small businesses and independent designers as well as helping students to produce for final collections and gain the experience that may help jump the gap from education to industry.. 

Get in contact to start knitting.

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