Dynamic Folding Knits; Play, Interact, Explore

Studying at The Swedish School of Textiles between 2018 and 2020, Victoria wrote her Master's thesis on the basis of play and interaction with knitted textiles. Victoria focused on the use of folding techniques within knit and a strong link to origami, and how these could be used to explore and encourage interaction with textiles. This was not on the basis of interacting through clothing or interiors, but purely with the subject of Play in mind, and how this is an element we may have a tendency to forget in our general everyday life as an adult.

She has provided the link here for you to download and read the thesis if you wish. It explores both the design of knitted textiles, the technical elements of the structures and the theoretical / presumed thoughts on play and interaction.

You can see the final forms knitted in the Masters through the subsections in this page.

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